African American West Project

The mission of the African American West Project is to preserve the historic stories of African americans and their role in the development of the American West.

We Were There!

We tell the stories of many people.


The list includes the famous 9th and 10th calvary, created by congress in 1866, and their military role in the settlement of the west.


More importantly we talk about the individuals who served including Lt. Henry Flipper, the first black officer in the US Army, Agustus Wally and other winners of the Medal of Honor.


Also featured are the stories of Nat Love, Bass Reeves, Mary Fields, and many others.

Presentation Methods

Every presentation is different and each presentation can be modified to meet the needs of the audience. No matter the age the message is always the same .... WE WERE THERE!!

Doug Lewis - Founder


We dress in period costumes and tell the life stories of real life individuals.   It's history told in a lively and engaging style.  The spoken word is accompanied by photos of the individuals being discussed as well as other stage props and artifacts.

Static Displays

We feature period photographs, statuary, artistic renderings of frontier life, as well as reproductions of various wester hardware.

Horse Exhibits

The audience is given a "tour" of the horse that leaves them with a greater appreciation for the animal.

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